Thanks are due to all those members of the Rivers and Lakes Stakeholder Groups who have been involved in developing the content of this webpage, including the naturalness assessment methods, the reports on priority river and lake habitat mapping, and the freshwater and wetland habitat narrative. Current membership of the groups is as follows:


Andrea Kelly, Broads Authority

Alan Hildrew, Emeritus Professor, Queen Mary College, London

Ali Morse, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Angela Gurnell, Queen Mary College, London

Arlin Rickard, The Rivers Trust

Benoit Demars, Hutton Institute

Bill Brierley, Freshwater Biological Association

Bill Riley, Cefas

Carl Sayer, University College London

Craig Macadam, Buglife

Dave Ottewell, Natural England

David Harper, Professor, University of Leicester

David Solomon, Independent fish consultant

Dominic Coath, Environment Agency

Ellie Brodie, The Wildlife Trusts

Francois Edwards, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Hannah Blackburn, World Wildlife Fund

Helen Benion, University College London

Iwan Jones, Queen Mary College, London

Jeremy Biggs, Freshwater Habitats Trust

Jo-Anne Pitt, Environment Agency

John Davy-Bowker, Freshwater Biological Association

John Rowan, University of Dundee

Jon Bass, Retired, Freshwater Biological Association

Judy England, Environment Agency

Kathryn Hawkins, The Wildlife Trusts

Kathy Hughes, World Wildlife Fund

Laurence Carvalho, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Lawrence Talks, Environment Agency

Lee Brown, University of Leeds

Malcolm Newson, Emeritus Professor, University of Newcastle

Mark Owen, Angling Trust

Martin Janes, River Restoration Centre

Martin Kernan, University College London

Martyn Kelly, Bowburn Consultancy

Murray Thompson, Independent researcher

Naomi Ewald, Freshwater Habitats Trust

Patrick Armitage, Fellow, Freshwater Biological Association

Paul Wood, Loughborough University

Penny Williams, Freshwater Habitats Trust

Rachel Stubbington, Nottingham Trent University

Richard Handley, Environment Agency

Rick Battarbee, Emeritus Professor, University College London

Sarah Jane Scott, Environment Agency

Stephen Maberley, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Steve Brooks, Natural History Museum

Steve Peters, Environment Agency

Stewart Clarke, National Trust

Veronika Moore, RSPB