How to suggest refinements to the national maps of river/stream types

This facility allows stakeholders to assist with improving the accuracy of national distribution maps of key river and stream types. This work is important because it affects what is included in the national habitat resource of each type, which is the basis for reporting on the status of the habitat resource and making national assessments of the adequacy of conservation measures.  England-level maps have now been produced for a range of river and stream types and work is on-going to refine these over time. Information that stakeholders provide through this data portal will be used in this refinement work.  We suggest you read the relevant guidance document below before making suggestions.

The map of chalk streams/rivers has been available for suggested refinements by stakeholders for some time now. It is anticipated that local partnerships will now generally want to identify local refinements collectively, which is likely to involve local GIS analysis. This data portal provides a back-up facility for proposing refinements where no such collective action is planned or where there is no partnership covering an area. Guidance on how to propose additions and deletions to the chalk streams/rivers map via the data portal is attached below.

Guidance to stakeholders on proposing local refinements to the national BAP map of chalk rivers

Maps of other key river and stream types have been developed and are being refined through a separate predictive modelling exercise. This work is broad-brush and primarily intended to provide a broad picture of the habitat resource of each type to feed into strategic assessment, reporting and planning processes, but the maps should reflect local river/stream character as far as possible. Guidance on how to highlight discrepancies between the maps and local natural habitat character using the data portal is attached below. Note that this facility is available for use across the UK to assist with collaboration between the UK statutory nature conservation bodies.

Guidance on mapping other river/stream types

How to add information

We use an online data portal to collect, organise, and map refinements. Our team are able to give you access to the ‘Priority habitats’ work space upon request. If you have already been granted access to the workspace, click below to sign in.


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