How to add restoration priorities

This facility allows authorised individuals to enter the locations of priorities for restoring natural habitat function to rivers/streams and lakes. The process enables local proposals for practical action  to be fed into strategic nature recovery priorities and also provides additional support to measures that restore natural function within Water Framework Directive river basin management plans.

The guidance below explains what restoration action is appropriate for inclusion and how to enter priorities on the data portal.

Guidance on adding river/stream and lake restoration priorities

It is possible to add restoration priorities as an individual or as part of a group project where a number of people can input priorities and co-ordinate their views.

If you work in Natural England or the Environment Agency or are an invited expert wishing to enter restoration priorities simply fill in the form below and you will receive an invite from cartographer, allowing to you set up your account.



    If you are part of an organisation or group who would like to work together on highlighting restoration priorities,  contact  the Cartographer team at and they will contact you and get you set up with a group workspace that enables you to do this together – note you will need to nominate a workspace coordinator. A number of workspaces have already been set up for individual Catchment Partnerships and there is the capacity to set up more.

    To get access to a group workspace you need a username and password, which you can get from your group workspace coordinator.  Just ask to join your group’s restoration priorities workspace.

    Once you have received your username and password you can log in via the button below and add your views on restoration priorities in the online form.


    Log in to input data