How to suggest refinements to the national maps of river/stream types

This facility was originally established as part of the national review of the 2006 UK BAP map of chalk rivers, allowing stakeholders and partners to propose local edits to a provisional layer generate by the review. The layer has now been refined and published on Natural England’s open data site – further explanation of the national review process is provided here. The facility has now been re-constituted to assist with a more comprehensive local refinement process intended to happen over the next year or two – local partnerships will be able to examine the published layer in more detail and identify omissions and required deletions, most notably in the headwater stream network where there is significant uncertainty in the habitat character because of the influence of overlying soils and drift geology. In due course it is intended that the facility will be extended to assist with refinements to national maps of other river types included in the priority river habitat definition.

For chalkstreams specifically, it is anticipated that local partnerships will want to identify local refinements collectively, which is likely to involve local GIS analysis. The priority habitats data portal provides a back-up facility for proposing refinements where no such collective action is planned or where there is no partnership covering an area. The data portal  provides an on-line form for proposing additions and deletions to the published map. Brief guidance is available below on what to consider when proposing additions and deletions. We suggest you read the guidance document below before making suggestions through the workspace.

Guidance to stakeholders on proposing local refinements to the national BAP map of chalk rivers

How to add information

We use an online data portal to collect, organise, and map refinements. Our team are able to give you access to the ‘Priority habitats’ work space upon request. If you have already been granted access to the workspace, click below to log in.


Log in to input data

If you would like to gain access to the workspace, and input your data, simply fill in the form below and we’ll contact you by email to get you set up. If you are already registered on the data portal for adding river and lake naturalness data, note that separate registration is needed for access to the mapping river/stream types workspace.



    Cartographer is a web application that currently requires an active Internet connection. If you are in the middle of the countryside, you may not be able to get access to the site to record new assessments. A Cartographer app will soon be available that will allow users to record assessments without an internet connection.