How to suggest refinements to the national chalk rivers map

This new facility has been established to agree refinements to the original UK BAP map of chalk rivers produced in 2006. A revised layer has been generated that includes proposed additions collated by WWF in 2014, as well as other stretches identified by digitally overlaying the river network on outcropping chalk geology. The additions are largely smaller chalk streams, mainly in headwater catchments, including winterbournes.

A form has been developed for proposing other additions, and also deletions, to the draft revised version of the chalk river map, which again can be accessed through the data portal. Once there has been sufficient feedback, proposals will be evaluated and the map will be finalised and used to replace the original map in strategic decision-making processes. Brief guidance is available below on what to consider when proposing additions and deletions. We suggest you read the guidance document below before making suggestions through the workspace.

Guidance on suggesting refinements to the national chalk rivers map

If you have any general comments/feedback on the review of the chalk rivers map, please forward them by email to Chris Mainstone at Natural England. All responses will be collated and published on this website.

How to add information

We use an online data portal to collect, organise, and map refinements. Our team are able to give you access to the ‘Priority habitats’ work space upon request. If you have already been granted access to the workspace, click below to log in.


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If you would like to gain access to the workspace, and input your data, simply fill in the form below and we’ll contact you by email to get you set up:


    Cartographer is a web application that requires an active Internet connection. If you are in the middle of the countryside, you may not be able to get access to the site to record new assessments. You can download printable PDFs of the survey forms for use in the field using the links above.